Phoenix Jackson resides in Denver, Colorado.

In my short 27 years of life I have experienced much on the high end – meeting, speaking, and working with many influential people, being in board rooms helping to determine the fate of my generation,  experiencing a beautiful level of healing from my childhood and becoming the youngest and few Black faculty at the University of Denver, while also maintaining a small business, being the Executive Director of the Dance to Live Health Initiative (, and most of all being a mother to my now 7 year old son Ausar.
In my experiences I have learned how transient this journey really is, how beautiful the ancestors line up situations to fulfill a higher purpose, and how compassion above all else is the key to becoming whole in oneself.
There is much that I am involved with in various pockets throughout Colorado and beyond. My health program has been featured on a few press outlets.  I teach free dance and mental/emotional health classes to the community, while perfecting my message of delivery through my university curriculum and starting Phitnus.

I have two mental health certifications and a seeking a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology starting fall of 2014.

I have a business degree, I have worked for myself for 8 years in the marketing field ( I spend a great deal of time coaching and counseling other women ages 20-55, I have much public  speaking and journalistic skills, but most of all I am a spiritivational speaker.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please contact me or my team at the emails below.

Thank you and may your journey unfold and your story be told!