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As a Phitnus® Certified Instructor you can assist in being a lightning bolt of change…

Phitnus® Certification is a comprehensive, systematic, and fun curriculum to learn and to deliver. Our system is one of a kind and is cutting edge in its ability to heal, balance, and help any client transform themselves. The 2-day certification workshop gives you the tools to effectively attract, keep and educate your clients or students in Phitnus. Phitnus is America’s most innovative and cutting edge fitness and overall wellness program. You are ahead of the curve and will a lightning bolt of change for yourself and those that you teach!

Phitnus Certification will give you an understanding of our intentions and what makes our program differentiate from everything else that is on the market. We are about lifestyle changing and extreme self love and it is conveyed in our dance and curricula.

There will only be a cap amount of Phitnus Certified Instructors per capita. We do not plan to saturate the market with instructors; We want your business to thrive in whatever city or providence you reside. So if you’re looking for a proven program to add to what you can offer as a trainer, take the next step and sign up for Phitnus Certification today in your city!

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What comes with your Certification training…

Phitnus® Certification training includes an in-depth, 2-day workshop that finalizes with a test on course material – that will give you all the knowledge, tools and advanced techniques you’ll need to train students in Phitnus.

At the workshop, you will receive hands on instruction by a Phitnus Lead Trainer who will display how to apply the program and adapt it for one-on-one and small-group training, and how to help your client’s shift their way of thought to one that is conducive to their training and growth.

When you register, you will receive:

A Phitnus Course Manual that will provide an in-depth understanding of the concept and intention of the program.

-Level workouts, teaching options (classroom style or individual)

-Zip Drive featuring PPTs of program

-Marketing material

-Featured on the Phitnus Certification website as a Certified Training

-2 DVDs DVDMock

-2 Phitnus Apparel  T Shirts CuteWhiteBackSmall