Phitnus was created by the Executive Director of the Dance to Live Health Initiative is an 8 month course that has been introduced in 2011 in Denver, Colorado. It is a dance and fitness class with monthly wellness seminars for our students, thus encompassing our love for movement with mindful wellness and health education. This project involves Certified Health Coaches, Nutritionist, Medical Doctors, Pharmacist, Psychiatrist, and Spiritual Teachers whom donate their time and expertise to our monthly seminars, educating and informing our women on various topics from natural stress management, preventative methods for heart disease to mindful emotional wellness.

As of fall 2012 the Phitnus/D2L program will became a course with multi-dimensional purpose at the Colorado Women’s College in the University of Denver. The course will include subjects from the mind’s role in health to healthy meal preparation.  Wellness was introduced to the students in an effort to raise their awareness in their personal and familial health and development. Future efforts are going to be focused around expanding this program to other parts of the country, other universities, and corporations as a guide for preventative health.

“I created this program so that the participants could learn the art of African dance and fitness while also gaining knowledge to begin and maintain a healthy lifestyle and the best ways to fortify their families revolving first around a culture of natural eating and consistent exercise.  Physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health is all intertwined towards building a higher and more effective being. I want to work at it from all possible angles.”  -Phoenix  Jackson